Friday, April 10, 2009

photo by Shen Wei - NYC - 9 April 2009
face by William T. Long, M.D.

The Advocate is doing a special article for the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in their June/July issue.  As I am a vet of all three nights I am to be featured in the article so they sent a photographer (Shen Wei) to take some photographs. We wandered around Hell's Kitchen (my neighborhood) with him taking photographs and then came back to my apartment on Ninth Avenue.

My Mom used to keep a crystal in her kitchen window. When she died, I took the crystal which is now hanging in my front window and in the late afternoon the sun shines through it making rainbows. It always reminds me of her.

As Shen and I were drinking diet-Coke (I am an addict!) he suddenly grabbed his camera and moved right up on me—inches from my face—and began snapping away in a frenzy. The photo above was the result.

Shen Wei emigrated from China and is primarily an art photographer. Here is his Web site: