Thursday, October 28, 2010

Very Funny

David Parr

Last Monday evening at the TOSOS Robert Chesley/Jane Chambers Playwright Project, forever elfin David Drake presented a reading of David Parr’s Slap&Tickle. It had a perfect cast: Stephen Bienskie, J. Stephen Brantley, Todd Flaherty, Joseph Mahan, and Aaron Tone (Drake also stood in for a role). It was a HUGE hit. A sold out audience roared its approval. But the star of the evening was the playwright David Parr. He is a very funny playwright. A very, very funny playwright. A very, very, very funny playwright. An extremely very, very, very funny playwright. Perhaps even too funny. Perhaps even way too funny. As one funny playwright to another, perhaps Parr should concentrate on blank verse drama. Symbolic blank verse drama. Tragedy even. In Sanskrit.

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